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Posted 5/1/2017

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Program Manager


The City of Des Moines, the largest city in Iowa, is located just below Saylorville Dam, the Cities of Ottumwa and Keosauqua are located below Red Rock Dam, and Iowa City is located below Coralville Dam. New digital elevation data currently being developed by the State of Iowa will be utilized in conjunction with the critical infrastructure GIS database to prepare modeling and mapping products for each of the dams.

This project is being accomplished by the Corps of Engineers to prepare modeling and mapping products for each of the flood control dams. These models will be the basis for real time models designed to define major flows from the reservoirs and the potential impacts on critical infrastructures in the floodplains below each dam. Output from this study will be used by the Iowa Flood Center, FEMA and also used as part of the CWMS data.

FM - Floodplain Management Services

Summarized Project Costs

Major Work Item Current Year

Estimated Federal Cost  N/A 
Estimated Non-Federal Cost  N/A 
Estimated Total Project Cost  N/A 
Allocations Prior to Current FY 2017 Cost  N/A 
Current FY 2017 Allocation (received to date)  $60,000 
Current FY 2017 Total Capability  $60,000 

FY 2017:
Surveying, hydraulic modeling and mapping on lower Des Moines River.