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Status of Recreation Facilities 

Updated on December 8, 2017

Any closed areas will be bolded.



Recreation Area


NW 78th Avenue  West Road Gate Open
  East Road Gate Open
Neal Smith Trail Neal Smith Trail Open
Boat Ramps Cherry Glen Lower Ramp Open
  Cherry Glen High Water Ramp Open
  Lakeview Main Ramp Open
  Lakeview High Water Ramp Open
  Lincoln Access Ramp Open
  Sandpiper Boat Ramp Open

Beaches Sandpiper Beach Closed
  Oak Grove Beach Closed                         

Access Roads Corydon Drive Open
  Gate Tower Road Open
  NW Jester Park Drive Open

Campgrounds Acorn Valley Campground Closed
  Bob Shetler Campground Closed
  Cherry Glen Campground Closed
  Prairie Flower Campground Closed

Recreation/Shelter Bob Shetler Rec Area Closed
  Cherry Glen Rec Area Closed
  Cottonwood Rec Area Closed
  Oak Grove Rec Area Closed
  Sandpiper Rec Area Closed
  Walnut Ridge Rec Area Closed