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Saylorville Lake Master Plan

The Saylorville Lake Master Plan has not been updated since 1984 making it 30 years old. Since that time there has been significant growth in the adjacent communities of Johnston, Polk City, Ankeny and Des Moines, including annexation of portions of Corps project lands. Substantial change in project resources and a climatic shift has required more frequent storage of flood waters than originally estimated. Demographic changes in the region also include the addition of water supply as an authorized purpose and potentially an authorized purpose for hydropower. There has also been an increased demand for outdoor recreation and shifting interest in more and varied types of outdoor experiences. This project was developed and built 30-40 years ago and habitat plans developed in the 1960s must be updated and improved to meet current and future public needs, current ecosystem management guidelines, and current Federal environmental laws and regulations. Future development of the area demands an updated vision for both environmental stewardship and recreation to meet the needs and challenges of the 21st Century.

Master Plan Description

Chapter 3 of ER & EP 1130-2-550 Requirement for all Civil Works Projects: “A Master Plan is the document that conceptually establishes and guides the orderly development, administration, maintenance, preservation, enhancement, and management of all natural, cultural, and recreational resources of a Corps water resource project. A MP is a land use management document. It is focused on the operations and maintenance (O&M) of an existing project and is no longer a “new project” document. MPs do not include water management operations and associated prime facilities (dam, gates, powerhouses, spillways, etc.). Of critical importance is the need to emphasize that a MP is stewardship driven and must seek to balance recreational development and use with protection and conservation of natural and cultural resources.”

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