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Iowa Flood Risk Data Inventory - Silver Jackets Pilot Project

Published March 8, 2019

Silver Jackets Coordinator


The Iowa Flood Risk Data inventory compiles Federal, state, and county metadata from different flood risk data into a single source. The inter-agency stream models repository would be posted on the existing Iowa Flood Information System [password protected web-page]. By leveraging access to the already established IFIS, statewide system users are able to quickly access availability of flood risk data models. Inventory updates are web-based to encourage the posting of newly developed models. The spreadsheet format is quick/easy to update.

The project explores using a geospatial inventory map to identify study reaches that extend through multiple communities. For each model, the posted information would include:

  1. Stream name and site description [study extent] 
  2. Type of Model [hydrologic, hydraulic 1D, 2D]
  3. Model level of detail [detailed or approximate model/mapping]
  4. Agency name, point-of-contact, date of model data and model development

The project was funded and initiated in FY17. as a Silver Jacket inter-agency project. The focus is on developing a central database to inform model developers of the existing models in an effort to reduce duplication of efforts by different agencies/entities. This database will present information on a web-based platform to allow for easy access.

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Summarized Project Costs

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Estimated Total Project Cost  N/A 
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Major Work Item Current Year
FY 2019:
Communicating the results from this and other recent projects at venues with emergency managers to bring awareness of tools for their use. Exploring a potential phase 2 follow-on interagency project.