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Posted 5/3/2017

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Regulatory Project Manager
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Springfield, Illinois

The project is a proposed dam and 3000 acre water supply reservoir for the City of Springfield, Illinois.

DA permit #: CEMVR-OD-P-2007-0327; Current: CEMVR-OD-P-2016-0095

The project is a proposed dam and 3,000-acre water supply reservoir for the City of Springfield. Rock Island District first received a Section 404 permit application on August 1, 1989. The Corps Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) was published in the Federal Register on November 24, 2001; the Record of Decision and Statement of Findings were not issued in order to incorporate applicant changes to the proposed project and water quality conditions from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IL EPA). On December 3, 2008, the IL EPA held a public hearing to solicit comments on the project relating to their water quality certification; however, IL EPA certification review is not complete. Recent information indicates a gravel pit for supplemental water supply may be a viable alternative to the proposed reservoir, but this alternative has not been adequately evaluated. An updated yield analysis and field pump test will be needed to determine how much water is available. In December 2010, Rock Island District notified the City that the FEIS needed to be supplemented due to the age of the data and to fully evaluate the alternatives. The application was withdrawn pending the applicant's response. On October 7, 2015, Regulatory staff met with the Mayor of Springfield, Illinois EPA, and Illinois DNR, to discuss moving forward with the project review. The supplemental EIS process was explained to the City, and the process whereby they will need to fund a third party contractor to prepare the EIS. The IL EPA representatives discussed their requirements for issuing Section 401 water quality standards. An important issue that was discussed was that the proposed lake would likely violate state water quality standards. On 1-27-16 an incomplete 404 permit application was received by the Corps from the City of Springfield for a proposed Hunter Lake Development project. The process for completing the supplemental EIS and hiring a 3rd party contractor was provided by the Corps staff. The City submitted proposals from two consultants for consideration on 1-28-2016. We are currently reviewing the submittals. On 5-2-16, a 3rd party consultant was hired by the City of Springfield to complete the supplemental EIS for the Corps. On 8-15-16, the Notice of Intent (NOI) to complete the supplemental EIS (SEIS) was published in the Federal Register, beginning the scoping process for completion of the supplemental EIS. A public notice was sent out on 8-15-16 announcing the NOI to prepare a SEIS, and announcing the beginning of the scoping process for the SEIS which will end on 9-14-16. The public notice also announced a public scoping meeting to be held in Springfield on 8-24-16. On 8-24-16, the public scoping meeting was held in the city of Springfield. The Corps, City of Springfield, and consultant AMEC (Foster Wheeler), were the main parties responsibly for conducting the public meeting. The meeting was attended by 150 people, including local news media and local officials, and several comments were received.

September 2016-December 2016-the Corps participated in agency coordination meetings dealing with state/federal threatened and endangered species, cultural resources, water quality, wetland/stream field check). Continued to review and comment on portions of the draft SEIS which are being completed for the project by consultant-AMEC FW. Draft SEIS for the project is projected to be completed by January, 2018.

January 2017-August 2017- the Corps participated in two coordination meetings (March and August) with the City of Springfield, IEPA, SEIS consultants. Topics of discussion were the various components of the Draft SEIS. Type, quantity, and costs of compensatory stream and wetland mitigation are being factored into the consideration of alternatives, which has had a large impact on the cost of the Hunter Lake alternative, substantially increasing its cost. Continuing review and comment on various tech memos and portions of the Draft SEIS which are being completed for the project by consultant-AMEC FW. Draft SEIS for the project is projected to be available for comment by January, 2018.

RG - Regulatory

Summarized Project Costs

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Major Work Item Current Year
FY 2017:
City hired 3rd party contractor for drafting SEIS at USACE direction.