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Posted 5/3/2017

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Program Manager, Project Management Branch
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LaGrange Pool, Illinois Waterway River Miles 142.0 through 148.0, Fulton County, Illinois

Thompson Drainage and Levee District (TDLD) is located immediately north of Havana, Illinois and approximately 40 miles south of Peoria, Illinois, on the right descending bank of the Illinois River between River Miles 121 and 126. The TDLD is part of the Conservancy's larger 7,100 acre Emiquon Project property, which also includes part of the Globe Drainage and Levee District and some adjacent areas. The Conservancy's Emiquon Project includes approximately 98% or 5,400 acres of the TDLD. The Emiquon Project represents landscape scale restoration of one of the largest and historically most productive portions of the Illinois River. The site has been identified by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) as a demonstration project. They expect that it will be an example of how degraded floodplains throughout the nation and world can be restored to functional wetlands. The principle problem is ecosystem degradation due to historic conversion of Illinois River floodplain (aquatic, wetland, forest, and prairie) habitat to agricultural uses and loss of ecological connections between the floodplain and Illinois River eliminating natural flood pulse and preventing use of the floodplain by native species during various life stages and times of the year. The goal is to restore, to the extent practical, quality, functional floodplain habitat and ecological processes that will sustain plant and animal communities that were native to the Illinois River Valley. TNC is actively seeking the Corps expertise in hydrology, floodplain construction, and project management to assist in making the restoration a success.

The Rock Island District prepared the draft feasibility report integrated with National Environmental Policy Act documentation and a draft Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).

The report underwent a 30-day public review between March 21, 2014 and June 17, 2014. During the public review period the District and The Nature Conservancy
(TNC)held an open house on April 16, 2014, at the Dickson Mounds Museum, near lewiston, Illinois. Representatives from the District and TNC were present to talk one-on-one with attendees about the Tentatively Selected Plan and to gather public input.

The District submitted the draft feasibility report for Mississippi River Division (MVD) final approval on July 7, 2014. The MVD approved the final report on October 27, 2014.

On November 5, 2014, the TNC informed the District it could not agree to the terms and conditions in the Project Partnership Agreement (PPA). Therefore the project has been deferred until a PPA is signed by the District and TNC.

CG - Construction General

Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost  $12,338,000 
Estimated Non-Federal Cost  $6,583,000 
Estimated Total Project Cost  $18,971,000 
Allocations Prior to Current FY 2017 Cost  $242,000 
Current FY 2017 Allocation (received to date)  N/A 
Current FY 2017 Total Capability  N/A 

Major Work Item Current Year
FY 2017:
The final report was signed by MVD on October 27, 2014. Plans and Specifications preparation are on hold pending signing of the PPA by the TNC and District. The project is currently inactive and no additional work is anticipated at this time.