Coal Hollow Park, Chillicothe, IL - CAP Section 206

Rock Island District
Published Oct. 1, 2021
Unnamed Tributary in Coal Hollow Park

Unnamed Tributary in Coal Hollow Park


Chillicothe, Illinois


High flow events on the Coon Creek and the unnamed tributary cause erosion on their banks, increasing sediment load and consequently sediment load into the Illinois Water Way.


During the high flow event in March 2017, the water surface was just below the bridge at a depth of about six feet. Opportunities exist to reduce this erosion and sediment load while creating valuable aquatic habitat, recreational areas, and education areas through aquatic ecosystem restoration.


This is a potential new start. A letter of request has been received from the sponsor. The initial phase of work will be to complete a Federal Interest Determination. This project is awaiting funding.


CA - Continuing Authorities - Section 206

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FY 2022: Potential project new start. Complete Federal Interest Determination if funded.