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Illinois Waterway Consolidated Lock Closures

Published March 8, 2019

Chief, Operations Division

Illinois Waterway

To maintain reliable navigation and avoid unscheduled long-duration closures on the Illinois Waterway (IWW), the locks need to undergo scheduled major rehabilitation and maintenance. LaGrange Lock is due for Major Rehabilitation in 2020, and Peoria Lock will be dewatered for routine maintenance at the same time.  Four locks on the IWW require the installation of bulkhead recesses to support maintenance dewatering efforts there, and new miter gates are also required at those four sites: Brandon Road, Dresden Island, Marseilles and Starved Rock. To install these miter gates, the locks need to be dewatered using the new bulkhead recesses, and replacement of the concrete sills and gate anchorages is required to accept the new gates.  Procurement of new miter gates requires significant lead time for fabrication.

Consolidated Closure Schedule for IWW Major Maintenance (MM) and Major Rehab (MR)


  • LaGrange MM/MR – up to 120 day closure
  • Peoria MM – up to 60 day closure – inspection, new bubbler system
  • Starved Rock MM – up to 120 day closure – 4 new miter gates plus sill and anchorages
  • Marseilles – up to 90 day closure – 2 new miter gates plus sill and anchorages
  • Dresden Island – up to 100 days restrictions (some minor closure possible) to prep for 2023 MM
  • Brandon Road – up to 100 days restrictions (some minor closure possible) to prep for 2023 MM


  • Dresden Island – up to 90 day closure – 2 new miter gates plus sill and anchorages
  • Brandon Road – up to 90 day closure – 2 new miter gates plus sill and anchorages

*NOTE* – This schedule does not include other potential IWW closures for additional MM/MR work, currently unscheduled. MR evaluations are currently ongoing. Additional closures are not anticipated at this time. However, an additional closure at Brandon Road (GLMRIS project) may occur in later years, if approved. Efforts to consolidate that closure plus any other currently unscheduled closures will be pursued.

Lead Times

The amount of time required for miter gate fabrication is approximately 2.5 years from time of contract award.

The LaGrange Major Rehabilitation contract was awarded in November 2018, which allows for sufficient lead time until the closure duration starts, for fabrication and procurement of multiple items.  


Summary of Assumptions

  • Consolidated / concurrent closures are required to reduce negative economic impacts as much as possible.
  • Preferred closure timeframe on the IWW is between 1 July and 31 October (if the closure timeframe for one project is moved, it will affect the other projects scheduled for closure that same FY).
  • Funding is available.
  • Timelines are assumed since not all designs are complete.
  • Minimal effects of weather or emergency situations.
  • Width restrictions are preferred over full closures.
  • Bulkheads will be borrowed from the Mississippi River Project and from St. Louis District.
  • Construction can handle the COR/QA requirements for construction and installations.
  • Rock Island District will have 3 heavy-lift cranes available.

We have met current contract award schedules and are on track for meeting future scheduled contract awards.  This schedule will meet lead times and 2020 closures timelines, pending FY20 funding.

Additional Information

OM - Operations and Maintenance River and Harbor Act of 1930

Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost $78.8M
Estimated Non-Federal Cost (IWTF for MR) N/A
Estimated Total Project Cost $78.8M
Allocations Prior to FY 2019 $16.3M
FY 2019 Allocation (received to date) $14M*
FY 2019 Total Capability $26.5M

*FY19 funding summary:

  •  $10M for Starved Rock Miter Gate Installation 
  •   $4M for Marseilles Miter Gate Installation

Note: LaGrange MM/MR funding is not included in the summarized project costs shown above (refer to LaGrange MM/MR Information Paper).

2020 Consolidated Closures - Work Items

  • Marseilles Lock Bulkhead Recesses
  • Starved Rock Lock Bulkhead Recesses
  • Brandon Road Lock Bulkhead Recesses 
  • Dresden Island Lock Bulkhead Recesses
  • Marseilles Upper Miter Gate Installation 
  • Starved Rock Upper/Lower Miter Gate Installation 
  • Peoria Dewatering

2023 Consolidated Closures - Work Items

  • Dresden Island Upper Miter Gate Installation 
  • Brandon Road Upper Miter Gate Installation

Major Work Items Current Year
FY 2019: 

  • Awarded LaGrange MR/MM contract.
  • Continue design for other FY19 contracts required to meet the 2020 IWW Consolidated Closures schedule.
  • Complete construction of the Bulkhead Recess Installation contracts for Marseilles and Starved Rock Locks.