Davenport Iowa Flood Response and Recovery Planning – Silver Jackets Interagency Project

Rock Island District
Published Oct. 1, 2021
2019 Flooding in Davenport, Iowa

2019 Flooding in Davenport, Iowa


Davenport, Iowa


This project evaluates the City of Davenport’s current flood response plan as part of a city-led effort. This effort includes local businesses as well as state and federal agencies. Project includes planning and risk assessment evaluations to help inform impacts of a suite of potential non-structural measures. This will include modeling floodplain impacts as well as basic economic evaluations (structure evaluations). Information will be used to update the city’s flood response plan and Master Plan for the river corridor.

Record Mississippi River flooding in Davenport, Iowa, in 2019, resulted in a breach of a HESCO flood barrier. Failure of this barrier resulted in millions of dollars of damage and displacement of numerous people from their homes and businesses.

The proposed effort will reduce life safety risks by identifying where non-structural measures may be utilized to assure the city can withstand record flooding in the future. Project will reduce life safety risks by updating action levels for identified residents or businesses without flood protection, so they are aware of when to evacuate their homes during periods of heavy flooding. This effort reduces flood risk by identifying mitigation actions on current structures combined with smart floodplain management recommendations. This effort may help Davenport achieve a higher FEMA Community Rating System rating. 

The project was funded and initiated in FY20 as an Iowa Silver Jacket inter-agency project. The focus is on working with the City and other Iowa Silver Jackets partners to evaluate and provide non-structural recommendations to support the City of Davenport Flood Response Plan.

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Major Work Item Prior Fiscal Year

FY 2021: The project moved forward with collecting survey information for structures at risk and supporting Hydraulic model development by a Silver Jacket Partner. The team incorporated survey and hydraulic model info into an economic model to determine how flood risk may be reduced by taking various non-structural actions. Finally, the team developed report and presented results to Davenport City Council and City staff.

Major Work Item Current Year

FY 2021: Work completed in FY2021. No work in FY2022.