Rock Island District Public Notices

Clear Creek Stream Mitigation Bank (CEMVR-RD-2021-0792)

Rock Island District
Published Oct. 14, 2021
Expiration date: 11/13/2021

The bank sponsor proposes to complete activities on city owned property along Clear Creek in Coralville, Iowa that would result in the establishment of stream mitigation credits. The goal of the bank is to restore 6,565 linear feet of two separate reaches of Clear Creek and 2,238 linear feet of Becky’s Creek to generate an initial estimate of 97,781 stream credits. The bank sponsor proposes to use many different in-stream methods to aid in restoring Clear Creek and Becky’s Creek, including establishing floodplain connectivity, creating floodplain benches, re-meandering the stream to restore natural sinuosity to the channel, constructing rock riffles and restoring two oxbows.