Rock Island District Public Notices

Lafarge-Holcim, LLC. (CEMVR-RD-2021-1478)

Rock Island District
Published May 16, 2022
Expiration date: 6/14/2022

The purpose of the project is barge mooring and fleeting. Install concrete dead-men anchorages at locations along the RDB of the Illinois River to fleet strings of empty and or loaded inland waterway product barges. The upriver dead-men will be located approximately 100 feet inland (northerly) of the RDB shoreline and the down-river dead-men located approximately 210 feet inland (northerly) of the RDB shoreline. Each dead-man would be excavated into the shoreline sediment and or bedrock and filled with cast-in-place concrete. A length of heavy anchor chain would be embedded into each dead-man allowing for the attachment of a length of large diameter wire rope extending to the river and secured to the floating product barge string(s). Two fleeting areas are proposed, with the downriver fleet anticipated to be no larger than l05 feet wide by 400 feet long, with a maximum of 6 barges in a 3-barges wide by 2-barges long configuration, and the upriver fleet anticipated to be no larger than 70 feet wide by 1,200 feet long, with a maximum of 12 barges in a 2-barges wide by 6-barges long configuration. The number of barges would vary based on the scheduled demand of empty or loaded product barges. The down-river fleet is anticipated to extend from approximate River miles 229.15 to 229.23, and the up-river from approximate River miles 229.35 to 229.58. Any areas disturbed will be restored after work is completed. Click the link below to view the full notice.