Rock Island District Public Notices

Trails End Stream Mitigation Bank (Public Notice Re-Issuance) (CEMVR-RD-2023-0807)

Rock Island District
Published June 28, 2024
Expiration date: 7/27/2024

This notice is being re-issued as a significant amount of time has passed since the release of the original notification. Please note, only the proposed Sponsor and information related to the historical/archeological review has changed from the original notice. This notice is issued in accordance with the Compensatory Mitigation for Losses of Aquatic Resources; Final Rule (the Mitigation Rule) described in the Federal Register dated April 10, 2008 (33 CFR Parts 325 and 332).

Project Location: The proposed site consists of two parcels located within Sections 8/9, Township 79 North, Range 23 West, Polk County, Iowa. See attached location maps. Site A: Latitude 41.665154, Longitude -93.552895. Site B: Latitude 41.671106, Longitude -93.539439.

Bank Objectives: The fundamental objective of compensatory mitigation is to offset environmental losses resulting from unavoidable impacts to waters of the United States (WOTUS) authorized by Department of the Army Permits. Other Objectives include providing economically efficient and flexible mitigation opportunities, supporting the national goal of no-net-loss of WOTUS, enhancing, or creating additional wildlife and aquatic habitat, reducing flooding by restoring stream meanders, oxbows, and creating floodplain benches, and finally, to improve water quality by reducing sediment and nutrient loading.

Project Description/Bank Establishment: This project is the second phase of the overall Trails End Mitigation Bank project. The first phase of the project (Corps Project No. CEMVR-OD-P-2019-0433) included creation, restoration, and enhancement of emergent and forested wetlands, as well as creation of upland buffer under the same name and which occupies a portion of the site. The bank Sponsor proposes to complete activities on 285.62-acres of property owned by the Polk County Conservation Board. Site A is comprised of 257.21-acres and is the location of the Trails End Wetland Mitigation Bank (Phase I). Site B is 28.41-acres and is located to the east of Site A. This project would result in the generation of approximately 176,806.9 stream compensatory mitigation credits. The stream mitigation work plan will consist of stream restoration along reaches of Fourmile Creek, an unnamed tributary (UNT) of Fourmile Creek, and Muchikinock Creek. Fourmile Creek restoration will include the rehabilitation of two oxbows, the construction of floodplain benches, reshaping creek banks, and the installation of toe wood protection, J-hooks, and in-stream habitat features (rock/log riffles). The restoration of Muchikinock Creek will include reshaping creek banks along with the construction of floodplain benches and the installation of rock/log riffles to create pool/riffle/run complexes. The restoration of the UNT of Fourmile Creek will be based on re-meandering the stream to its estimated former location and dimensions. Stream buffer will be established surrounding each of the streams and will include treatment of invasive or other undesirable species by chemical or mechanical means. The buffer areas will be a minimum of 50-feet wide and will be seeded with a native grass seed mix or a wetland and stream buffer mix.

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