Rock Island District Public Notices

RiverStone Group, Inc. (CEMVR-OD-P-2014-569)

Rock Island District
Published July 11, 2024
Expiration date: 8/1/2024

Project Location:
− IA- Camanche USGS quad sheet.
− Sections 3 and 4, Township 20 North, Range 2 East, and Sections 33 and 34, Township 21 North, Range 2 East; near Cordova, Rock Island County, Illinois; approximate Mississippi River mile 511.0.
− Datum NAD-83. UTM Zone 15, Northing: 4626961.08, Easting: 727066.74.
− Latitude: 41.76202. Longitude: -90.26850.

Project Description:
A. Previous Authorization. In 1995, Department of the Army authorization (CENCR-OD-S-282651) was granted to perform commercial dredging activities adjacent to the Mississippi River at
River Mile 511, north of Cordova, in Rock Island County, Illinois. This authorization expired December 31, 2004. On November 17, 2004, Department of the Army authorization (CEMVR-ODP-
2004-1487-1) was granted to RiverStone Group Inc for commercial dredging activities at the site. This authorization expired on December 31, 2014. On December 15, 2014, Department of the
Army authorization (CEMVR-OD-P-2014-569) was granted to RiverStone Group Inc for commercial dredging activities at the site. This current authorization will expire on December 31, 2024. The permits authorized dredging of sand and gravel deposits from the slough and island where dredging activities had occurred in the past (Area 1). Approved activities included removal of topsoil and overburden to expose sand and gravel deposit and the placement of removed topsoil and overburden within previously dredged areas to create wildlife habitat. The permit also
authorized dredging activities on an inland area (Area 2) once reserves were depleted from Area 1. The extent of Area 1 was formerly undisturbed mainland area. The slough and island covered under the permit were created by previous dredging activities. None of the dredging operations within Area 1 have occurred within the historical limits of the Mississippi River.

B. Current Request. The applicant is requesting a 10-year time extension to the previous December 15, 2014, permit which is set to Expire on December 31, 2024. This permit involves the continuation of hydraulic or mechanical dredging of sand and gravel deposits on the property that it owns at this location (Area 1 and Area 2) in Rock Island County, Illinois for the purpose of providing materials for bridge and road construction. The dredging will be performed by a selfcontained barge-mounted unit. The dredged material will be processed at the site and then placed directly into barges for shipment. Dredging will include all or portions of the existing sand and gravel deposits above or below surface waters. Vegetation and/or topsoil removal has been completed in Area 1. Vegetation and/or topsoil in Area 2 will be removed prior to dredging to ensure high quality material extraction. This material will be moved to the edges of the property. Excess process water and/or drainage water will be discharged back to the dredge pit. There will be a defined sequence to operation at the site.

1) Previous dredging activities under the current and preceding permits have depleted most of the reserves within Area 1 in the slough and on the island. Future activities will include the
continued dredging of Area 1 until the reserves are fully depleted and will then proceed to Area 2 on the south side of Illinois Hwy 84. Dredging operations in Area 1 will proceed randomly
throughout the area to recover as much of the sand and gravel deposits as possible. The original shoreline will be left intact.

2) Once the material has been removed from the island area (Area 1), the operation will relocate to the inland area on the south side of Illinois Highway 84 (Area 2) where the mining will continue. The site will be prepared for excavation by removing vegetation, topsoil, and/or other overburden. In order to avoid any impacts to the potential wetlands east of the property, Riverstone proposes create a buffer around dredging Area 2. The overburden materials will be placed on the perimeter of the property to create screening berms or will be re-deposited in excavated portions of Area 2 or placed as fill for plant construction.

3) An 800-foot offset from the Highway 84 roadway embankment will be maintained in accordance with the conditions of previous permits. Dredging activities will begin just beyond this
offset and will progress southward in an orderly fashion.

4) A 12-foot-diameter tunnel under Illinois Highway 84 has been constructed to convey materials from the inland pit to a barge loading facility in Area 1. The inland end of the tunnel will be extended to raise the end above the 100-year flood elevation in accordance with the conditions of the current permit. Dredged material from Area 2 will be pumped through the tunnel to the existing barge-mounted screening plant and then deposited directly into barges for shipment to a terminal facility. Alternatively, a land-based screening plant may be constructed adjacent to the inland pit and the screened sand will be transferred through the tunnel by conveyor to a barge loading facility located within the previously dredged Area 1.

5) The overall mining operation will occur over a 25-year (more or less) period, with the time frame dependent on market conditions. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the progression extent of the operation on a yearly basis. Habitat creation will occur as the dredging operation progresses.

C. Permit Area. The permit area consists of the existing slough and island dredge Area 1 and the future inland dredge Area 2, combined for an approximate total of 561 acres.

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