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Basis Tips for using

The following are some basic tips for finding USACE-Rock Island District Contract Opportunities on

When using the website, click the dropdown menu next to the “I’m looking for” box and choose Contract Opportunities. Do not put anything in the search box, just click “Search”.

FINDING OPPORTUNITIES: Search options to go directly to USACE Rock Island’s opportunities and notices-the system no longer has functionality to drill down from Army to the district office:

  • In the Keywords box, enter: W912EK* (include the asterisk after the characters).
  • Once the list pulls up, under “Sort by” change to “Last Updated Date”.

SAVING SEARCHES: You can still save the overall searches above-once the search comes up, there will be a “save search” button.

  • If you would like to be automatically notified of any changes to your overall search (new notices etc.), you will need to locate your saved search while logged in, and on the pull down menu choose “notify” next to your search. Search results will be sent once a day at 9 p.m. EST.

WATCHING OPPORTUNITIES: If you locate an opportunity that you are interested in, click into the opportunity, and click “follow” (formerly known as “Watch this Opportunity”) -this will provide you with automatic email notifications when there are any changes or updates to the notice.

  • NOTE: You will need a account to follow an opportunity.

INTERESTED VENDORS LIST (IVL): This functionality has not changed much from, however be aware that if you are following an opportunity, you will get notifications anytime a company adds themselves to the IVL.

  • NOTE: You will need a account to save searches, follow specific opportunities. Or view/add to the Interested Vendors List.

REMINDER:  Saved searches and watched solicitations from did NOT transfer to

If you think you should be seeing a posting, but can’t find it with either of the search options above or any other search filter, feel free to reach out to Rock Island District's Small Business Programs Office at

We understand the transition to the new site may take some time and we encourage you to reach out with any other questions or concerns. Feedback is also appreciated on the system and can be submitted directly on the site. We welcome your comments on suggested improvements and challenges you may face with the site.

Contact Information

Deputy for Small Business
Rock Island District, Clock Tower Building
P.O. Box 2004
1500 Rock Island Drive
Rock Island, IL  61204-2004
(309) 794-5205