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  • Put the Castle Forward
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I'm Seeing Red

There will continue to be many opportunities to expose the public to the Corps through the news media. When these opportunities occur, be mindful of the setting and the people with you. Here are some suggestions. 

  • If a sponsor or public representative is available, always pull them into the shot -- with their permission.
  • Wear your Corps hardhat. If you don't have one, and it is appropriate for the situation, you need one.
  • Wear a red Corps name tag.
  • Take the reporter to a location where your project is in the background; at a minimum, where the background isn't distracting.
  • Try to get a Corps castle in the background.
  • Create a nice-sized Corps castle banner with your project name.
  • Keep a portable castle for your vehicle or other wall in the field.
  • Be sure to use a structure as a backdrop when doing stand ups.
  • ALWAYS wear your red jacket when in emergency situations.