Illinois River Basin Restoration Comprehensive Plan (53.89 MB)

Illinois River Basin Restoration Comprehensive Plan (without appendix - 8.45 MB)

1. Introduction 
  A. Study Authority
  B. Description of the Study Area
  C. Study Purpose and Scope *
  D. Study Organization
  E. Relationship Among Corps, Federal, and State Activities
  F. Concise Discussion of Studies, Reports, and Existing Water Projects

2. Study Context and Setting  
  A. Need for Action
  B. Significance of Illinois River Basin Ecosystem
  C. Background and History
  D. Existing Conditions
  E. Future Without Project Conditions
  F. Desired Future Conditions

3. Plan Formulation

This document is broken up into two parts due to it's larger file size. Sections A thru H are in one file and sections I thru L are in the other. 
A - H            I - L 
  A. Description of Study Process
  B. Assessment of Problems, Opportunities, and Constraints
  C. System Formulation Concept
  D. Affected Environment *
  E. Overarching Goal:  Ecological Integrity
  F. Goal 1:  Sediment Delivery
  G. Goal 2:  Backwaters and Side Channels
  H. Goal 3:  Aquatic, Floodplains, and Riparian
  I. Goal 4:  Connectivity (Fish Passage)
  J. Goal 5:  Hydrology and Water Levels
  K. Goal 6:  Water and Sediment Quality
  L. System Evaluations

4. Description of Recommended Plan  
  A. Component Measures in Restoration Projects
  B. Implementation Through 2011 And 2015

5. Environmental Impacts/Effects
System Recommentations 
  A. Environmental Impacts of the Selected Alternative *
  B. Socioeconomic Effects Recommended Ecosystem Restoration Alternative 6*
  C. Cumulative Impacts *
  D. Environmental Impacts of the Non-Preferred Alternatives *
  E. Probable Adverse Environmental Impacts which Cannot be Avoided *
  F. Any Irreversible or Irretrievable Commitments of Resources *
  G. Relationship of the Selected Alternative to Land-Use Plans *
  H. Compliance with Environmental Quality Statutes *

6. Plan Implementation  
  A. Implementation Overview
  B. Implementation Framework
  C. Technologies and Innovative Approaches Component 
  D. Division of Plan Responsibility
  E. Institutional Requirements

7. Summary of Coordination, Public Views, and Comments  
  A. Public Views and Comments
  B. NEPA Coordination

8. Conclusions  
  A. Preferred Plan and Outputs
  B. Tiered Implementation
  C. Risk and Uncertainity
  D. Areas for Additional Investigation
  E. Role of Other Federal, State and Local Agencies
  F. Potential Amendements to Section 519 of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2000, Public Law 106-541

9. Recommendations 

Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) 




APPENDICES (the entire appendix section - 30MB) 
  A. Correspondence 
  B. System Ecology  
  C. Summary of Hydrology and Hydraulics  
  D. Geomorphology, Sediment Delivery, Sediment Removal and Beneficial Use  
  E. Cost Engineering  
  F. Real Estate Plan  
  G. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Coordination Act Report  
  H. Monitoring Program  
    I. Cultural History  
   J. Distribution List  * Denotes sections required for Environmental Assessment/NEPA Compliance