Pools 25 and 26 Islands Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project                                  

St. Louis District

Pools 25 and 26, Upper Mississippi River, Miles 224 - 261, Pike, Lincoln, and St. Charles County Missouri, Congressional District: Missouri - 3, 6


  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Missouri Department of Conservation 


The five islands addressed in this project are located in Upper Mississippi River Pool 25 and 26. Howard Island (43 acres) and an adjacent un-named island (8 acres) occur in Pool 25 near Annada, Missouri at river mile 261.  Westport Island (625 acres) is located in Pool 25 between river miles 258 and 254.  Dardenne (790 acres) and Bolter Islands (560 acres) are located in Pool 26 at river miles 228 and 224.

The chutes, sloughs, and wetlands on islands in Pools 25 and 26 have been severely degraded by sedimentation reducing the quality of wetland and deep, off-channel water habitat. The project seeks to restore and rehabilitate wetland and aquatic habitats to provide breeding, nesting, feeding, and predator-escape habitats for many forms of waterfowl, mammals, and reptiles, and furnish productive fish spawning, overwintering, and nursery areas.

The primary objectives of this project include: 1) restore hard mast and floodplain forest to the islands; 2) restore and maintain backwater connection to the river; and 3) restore and maintain deep water habitat.

Quick Facts

  • Approximate Acres: 2026
  • Congressional District: Missouri - 3, 6
  • State(s) Covered: Missouri
  • Land Ownership: Federal
  • Management Agency: Missouri Department of Conservation
  • Management Authority: Cooperative Agreement

Project Features

Westport Island:

  • Planting of native tree and shrub species

Dardenne Island:

  • Planting of native tree and shrub species

Bolter Island:

  • Removal of sediment from island interior channel

  • Construction of rock dike structure and excavation of deep hole in island slough


  • The Fact Sheet was completed in May 1988.
  • The Feasibility Study Report was completed in June 2008.

  • Project was completed in 2017.