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Study Area

The study area consisted of two main pieces: East and West sides of the Cedar River.  The East side starts on the north end of town at J Avenue NE (just north of Water Treatment Plant) and proceeds through downtown to Cargill on the south end of town.  The east side also includes (south and downstream of Cargill) the Cedar Valley neighborhood and the Water Pollution Control Facilities.  The West side starts above the Edgewood Bridge to the north of town in what is referred to as the “Edgewood Neighborhood” and progresses downstream to the Time Check Neighborhood (Ellis Park) and ends at the A Street Landfill.

The study areas include from north to south:

Fresh Water Intake Wells: The wells supply drinking water for Cedar Rapids.

  • Edgewood Neighborhood: Edgewood is a small residential neighborhood (11 properties)
  • Edgewood Bridge Approach: The bridge approach is closed periodically from nuisance flooding caused by ice jams and was closed for an extended period of time during the flooding in June 2008
  • Ellis Road Northwest: This area has minor residential properties and Ellis Boat Harbor.  The boat harbor had extensive damages from the June 2008 flood event

  • Downtown Cedar Rapids: Includes both sides of the Cedar River corridor thru downtown Cedar Rapids

  • Mays Island: Located in the center of downtown Cedar Rapids has four main facilities, City Courthouse, underground parking garage, County Courthouse and Jail

  • Cedar Valley (Rompot) Neighborhood: Cedar Valley is a small residential neighborhood (approximately 87 properties damaged during June 2008 flood event) located south of the downtown corridor

  • Prairie Creek Generation Station: Alliant Energy operates the PCGS which provides electricity generation and pre-flood steam energy for downtown Cedar Rapids

  • Water Pollution Control Facilities: The WPCF provides waste water treatment for the City of Cedar Rapids