US Army Corps of Engineers
Rock Island District

Illinois Waterway Consolidated Lock Closures

Locks impacted by upcoming closures on the Illinois WaterwayThe Illinois Waterway, which provides a navigable connection between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River, includes eight lock and dam sites which are long overdue for significant repairs. In order to facilitate repairs, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District developed a consolidated repair schedule, which includes a short closure to locks in 2019 followed by two extended closures in 2020 and 2023. The closures are scheduled to take place simultaneously to lessen impact to commercial navigation as much as possible.  

All lock and dam facilities on the Illinois Waterway have a single lock chamber for passing vessels. During the scheduled closures, no vessels will be able to pass through the affected locks. An exception to this restriction could occur at the LaGrange and Peoria locks if water levels become high enough that the wicket portions of the dams could be lowered for open-pass. This would allow vessels to pass around the dam without using the lock. There is no guarantee river levels will be high during the closures. Navigation on the rest of the river, between the locks, will not be impacted by the closures. Recreational and commercial vessels will be able to navigate within the pools without restriction. 

Closure Schedule


Starved Rock & Marseilles Lock and Dam – Bulkhead Recess Installation

  • Partial Closure scheduled June 1-July 3 and July 8-Aug. 16
    • Locks operational from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. with a 70-ft width restriction and no ability to pull unpowered barges.
  • Full Closure scheduled Aug. 16-Aug.30

LaGrange Lock and Dam – Major Rehabilitation & Lock Machinery Replacement

  • Full closure scheduled July 1-Sept. 30

Peoria Lock and Dam – Dewatering for Maintenance and Inspection

  • Full closure scheduled to start mid-July/early Aug for 60+ days (Specific dates to be determined)

Starved Rock Lock and Dam – Upper & Lower Miter Gate Installation

  • Full closure scheduled July 1-Oct.30

Marseilles Lock and Dam – Upper Miter Gate Installation

  • Full closure scheduled July 1-Sept. 30

Dresden Island & Brandon Road Lock and Dam – Upper Bulkhead Recess Installation

  • 90+ day restriction period with 14 day full closure (Specific dates to be determined, lock restrictions same as in 2019)


Dresden Island & Brandon Road Lock and Dam – Upper Miter Gate Installation

  • Full closure scheduled July 1-Sept 30
  • If construction projects were approved and funded as part of the Great Lakes Mississippi River Interbasin Study at Brandon Road (GLMRIS-BR), it is possible they could be completed during this closure.

**NOTE: Projects and dates listed on this schedule are subject to change due to river levels and project funding. 

Additional Information

Currently, no work is scheduled at the two locks closest to Lake Michigan (Lockport Lock and T.J. O’Brien Lock), if there are unforeseen failures, maintenance needs or construction requirements that occur between now and the scheduled closures in 2020 and 2023, the work will be coordinated to coincide with the scheduled closures as much as possible.


Questions concerning the scheduled 2020 lock closures may be directed to 309-794-5729 or