Shoreline Management

In 1978, the U.S. Corps of Engineers (Corps) was directed to develop a Lakeshore Management Plan, now referred to as a Shoreline Management Plan, to address policies pertaining to private development and use of Corps owned property.  In 1981, the plan was completed and implemented as guidance for the management and protection of Coralville Lake's environment while still allowing balanced use of the shoreline.  The plan also outlines conditions and restrictions of private use. Private use involves the placing of private recreational structures such as boat docks. pathways, or pursuing particular activities on Corps property (i.e. mowing) that are usually limited to the individual and not available to the general public. The Shoreline Management Plan for Coralville Lake is one component of the Coralville Lake Master Plan. 



Shoreline Management Classifications

The current plan designates 4 classifications for Corps-owned shoreline:

  1. Prohibited Access: Areas in which public access is not allowed for health, safety or security reasons.  They are only accessible to authorized personnel.
  2. Public Recreation: Reserved for concentrated use by the general public such as: day use areas, campgrounds, launching ramps, and commercial concessionaire facilities.  No private facilities or exclusive uses are allowed in these areas or in areas designated as future recreation areas as defined by the Coralville Master Plan.
  3. Protected Shoreline: No licenses or Shoreline Use Permits will be issued for mooring posts, private floating facilities or fixed recreation facilities in areas with this designation.  The areas are protected in order to maintain aesthetic features or to protect specific resources.  Factors considered in a protected designation may include: the potential for erosion, excessive siltation, exposure to high wind or wave action, fish and wildlife habitat and water depth.  Normal foot traffic is allowed in Protected Shoreline Areas.  The only permitted uses include erosion protection or debris removal.  These uses may be allowed only after the Operations Manager has determined that no adverse environmental impact will result from the actions and a permit has been issued to the individual by the Corps.  No permission is required for entry upon Protected Shoreline Areas and no individual shall attempt to impeded free access by the general public to these lands.
  4. Limited Development: These are areas in which private shoreline uses or facilities are authorized through the issuance of a license or permit from the Corps.  Activities or structure may be allowed only after the licensee or permittee has taken steps necessary to ensure the protection of the environmental resources. Currently, there are 45 Shoreline Use Permits and/or Special Use Licenses being managed.   

For additional details on Coralville Lake's Shoreline Management Plan please refer the Shoreline Management Plan and Appendices.