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Additonal Opportunities

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 Bluebird Box Maintenance
  • Location:  Various areas around Coralville Lake.
  • Time of Year:  Mid-March through mid-September
  • Description:  Monitor and maintain bluebird boxes.  Boxes need to be checked every ten to 14 days to ensure only bluebirds are using the boxes.  Damaged boxes will need to be repaired or replaced.
 Fence Removal
  • Location:  Various areas around Coralville Lake.
  • Time of Year:  Any
  • Description:  This project involves removing old fence posts and wire to make these areas more accessible with our prescribed fire equipment.  Any wooden fence posts that have not burned completely through at the bottom can be sawed off at ground level with a handsaw or chain saw.  Metal fence posts can be pulled with a fence post puller.  All fence wire needs to be removed from the posts and coiled.  Posts, fence wire, old railroad ties and any trash found in the area can be piled for removal by Coralville Lake staff. 
 Invasive Species Removal
  • Location: Various prairies and woodlands, project wide
  • Time of Year:  Any
  • Description:  Remove invasive plants from specific prairies and woodland as part of our overall restoration efforts.  Currently there are four prairies and five woodland we are striving to restore.  Removal of Autumn Olive, Oriental Bittersweet, and Garlic Mustard is one of the first steps in reclaiming these areas.
 Prairie Seed Collection
  • Location:  Various prairie remnants, generally on the north side of the lake.
  • Time of Year:  Seed can be collected in mid-July through December and is weather dependent.
  • Description:  Collect seed from native prairie species to be planted into a 125-acre prairie restoration project.  No previous knowledge is required.  Interested parties will receive a short training session and some initial supervision.
 Prescribed Burning

Location:  Various prairies and woodlands around Coralville Lake

Time of Year:  Fall through Spring, weather dependent

Description:  Assist Coralville Lake staff in conducting prescribed burning of various woodland and prairie sites around Coralville Lake.  Prescribed burning is a very effective management tool for controlling exotic/invasive plant species and brush.  Prescribed fire also reduces the amount of dead vegetative matter that can build up over time – thus reducing the risk of large-scale out of control fires that can result from fuel load buildups.  Volunteers will be given instruction on safety and fire management.  They will be required to wear nomex clothing and a hard hat, which will be provided by Coralville Lake staff.  Completion of the S130 (Fire Fighter Training) and S190 (Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior) is required.

Natural Resource Program Volunteer Events

No volunteer events at this time! Check back again!

If you'd like to create a volunteer event please call the Coralville Lake Administration Building at 319-338-3543 ext6300 or email