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Locks & Dam 14 - Smith's Island Recreation Area

Pleasant Valley, Iowa

Located just up river from the Quad Cites in Pleasant Valley, Iowa is a hidden treasure of the Upper Mississippi River called Smith's Island. This unique island sits next to Locks & Dam 14 and is home to a diverse population of both animals and plants.

Visitors can take advantage of many opportunities available on the island. For those who like to fish, there are numerous spots to try. You don't have to be a fisherman to enjoy the River. Wildlife watchers and outdoor enthusiasts can visit the island for a glimpse of a Great Blue Heron, Belted Kingfisher, or a Red-tailed Hawk. Or maybe just admire the sunset from a beautiful spot on the water. Lock & Dam 14 is a great place to watch eagles in the winter season.

Another feature of the area is the Smith’s Island Nature Trail. The trail is located just up-stream of the lock. For nature enthusiasts, the trail offers fantastic opportunities to spot numerous species of wildlife and plants. For those who just enjoy the "out of doors," the mile and half long trail allows you to observe a unique mix of upland and river bottom tree species. Visitors in the spring will enjoy the wildflowers. Frequent sighting of turtles and ducks will treat everyone that walks the marsh side of the trail. Do not be surprised if you see a snake or two in this area. Visit the National Recreation Trail website more more information on the Smith's Island trail and others.

Come out and see for yourself what this unique recreational facility has in store for you. The Mississippi River Project welcomes you and hopes you have a fun, safe, and wonderful visit.

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