Emergency Management


Federal Response Plan

In addition to our emergency authorities, the Corps also has a primary role in support of the Federal Response Plan. The Plan describes the basic structures by which the Federal government will mobilize resources and conduct activities to assist states in coping with the consequences of significant disasters.

Within this Plan, the Department of Defense (DOD) has designated the United States Army Corps of Engineers as the primary agency for planning, preparedness, and response under the Emergency Support Function (ESF #3), Public Works and Engineering.

Each Corps office develops plans based on hazards unique to their area, coordinates with appropriate agencies and identifies response teams to support the assigned missions in the Federal Response Plan. Training and exercises are conducted frequently to ensure the readiness of emergency team members when the Federal Response Plan is activated.

Type of Assistance Provided by ESF #3, Public Works and Engineering:
  • Technical advice and evaluations.
  • Engineering services.
  • Construction management and inspection.
  • Emergency contracting.
  • Emergency repair of wastewater and solid waste facilities.
  • Real estate support.

Some of the activities within the scope of ESF #3 include emergency clearance of debris, restoration of critical public services and facilities, including supply of adequate amounts of potable water, temporary restoration of water supply systems, technical assistance, structural evaluation of buildings, and damage assessment.

How to Obtain Additional Information:

For additional information on ESF #3 and the Corps roles in Federal response, contact a Corps of Engineers office directly.