Emergency Response/Recovery Actions - Overview

Rock Island District
Published Oct. 1, 2021
USACE Flood Area Engineers assist in supporting local flood response.

USACE Flood Area Engineers assist in supporting local flood response.


All of Rock Island District


The Rock Island District is prepared to provide all hazard response and recovery assistance under the authority of Public Law (PL) 84-99 and PL 93-288. All hazard events include flooding, earthquakes, tornados, pandemics, etc. On a national basis the District will respond to incidents of national significance such as hurricanes and weapons of mass destruction.

The District Crisis Management Team consisting of senior staff elements is trained and ready to respond to disasters. Prior to flood season, trained teams conduct routine inspections of the flood risk management systems within the District in coordination with local sponsors. Flood fight materiels are stockpiled and equipment is serviced.

The District maintains trained cadre members to assist FEMA in accordance with the Stafford Act (PL93-288) and the National Response Framework.

The Rock Island District has played a key role in providing direct hazard response and recovery assistance during all major flood events throughout its area of operation.

Typically, the Rock Island District is called upon to provide direct assistance to our state partners on an annual basis. In addition to our District responsibilities, the Rock Island District is typically called upon on an annual basis to provide assistance outside of its area of operation to support national missions.

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Public Law 84-99 and Public Law 93-288

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Major Work Item Prior Fiscal Year

FY 2021: 

The Rock Island District continued in the rehabilitating and recovery process of Public Law enrolled flood risk management systems from the 2019 and 2020 floods on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.  Nearly all of the impacted systems by those floods will have construction started, with a majority having field construction completed.

The Rock Island District received a mission assignment to assist FEMA Region V and VII as the lead federal agency for the COVID-19 Federally Supported Community Vaccination Centers response for Illinois and Iowa.

Major Work Item Current Year

FY 2022: 

The Rock Island District is prepared to provide direct and technical assistance during the next emergency event.  All flood teams are trained and ready to respond.  District flood fight supplies and equipment are fully stocked and maintained.