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The Rock Island District has several Web cameras that are available to the public. Please note that the image is refreshed every 60 seconds.

River Cam (Locks and Dam 15) - This camera's normal pan is downriver from the lock chambers with a view of the spanning "Government Bridge." The Locks and Dam 15 Visitor Center may periodically pan the camera to other angles, based on operational or maintenance requirements of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In the winter months with river traffic at a halt, it is sometimes used to get a better view of the visiting eagles. This camera has in the past been affected by lightning strikes, so if the image is out, usually it is weather related, otherwise, we are working with the Visitor Center on restoring the image!

Eagle Cam (Locks and Dam 15) - During winter months, weather and sunlight permitting, the Locks and Dam Visitors Center will attempt to pan the camera for a view of the visiting Eagles! At all other times the camera will be angled from south to north along the LD 15 Dam, to view barge traveling down river, approaching the lock.

Coralville Lake - The Coralville Lake Web Camera is located at the top of the Control Tower. The angle of the camera changes with the seasons sometimes showing lake views while other times it is pointed at the outlet structure below the dam.