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For more information on Rock Island District's support to Silver Jackets, please contact the Rock Island District Corporate Communications Office at (309) 794-5729.

Silver Jackets

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District is proud to support the Illinois and Iowa Silver Jackets teams. Silver Jackets are state-led teams comprised of federal, state, and local agencies, and sometimes tribal governments, working towards reducing flood risk within the United States and the U. S. territories. The agencies collaboratively plan and implement interagency solutions to flood risk problems throughout the states and use combined resources including data, information, talent and funding to minimize duplication among agencies.


Goals of the Program:

  • Facilitate strategic life-cycle flood risk reduction
  • Create or supplement a continuous mechanism to collaboratively solve state-prioritized issues and implement or recommend those solutions
  • Improve processes, identifying and resolving gaps and counteractive programs
  • Leverage and optimize resources
  • Improve and increase flood risk communication and present a unified interagency message
  • Establish close relationships to facilitate integrated post-disaster recovery solutions