Emergency Management


408 Contact Information

Phone: (309) 794-5720

Email:  MVR408@usace.army.mil

Mailing Address:
District Engineer
US Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District
Attn: Keller (PM-M)
Clock Tower Building
P. O. Box 2004 Rock Island IL 61204-2004    

Section 408 Public Notices (Click on number to view)


 Expires Number Civil Works Project 
8/23/2021 2021-0007 &
Park Avenue and 11th Street Bridge Replacement
8/20/2021 2020-0027 Rehabilitation of an established recreational area located on Harriet Street
8/20/2021 2019-0024 Trail network on the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers
8/19/2021 2020-0016 Dubuque Bee Branch Pump Station Replacement
5/15/2021 2020-0027 Harriet Street Recreational Rehabilitation
5/15/2021 2019-0024 Regional Trail Network on the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers
04/21/2021 2020-0030 Waterloo, Iowa, Gas Main Replacement
04/21/2021 2021-0005   Rehabilitation of the 2nd Avenue Bridges over the Des Moines River and Birdland Drive  
04/21/2021 2020-0018 Marshalltown Riverview Park Pump Station
07/20/2020 2017-938 Marshalltown Levee Height Alteration
07/01/2020 2020-0008 Bridge Replacement over Bluff Ditch, Coal Creek Drainage and Levee District
06/25/2020 2020-0010 Bridge Replacement over Frazier Creek, Indian Grave Drainage District
11/08/2019 2019-0027 East Floodwall of the Davenport Flood Risk Management Project
08/28/2019 2019-0015 City of Dubuque Purina Drive Floodwall Section Replacement
 04/22/2019 2019-0003 Burlington North Bottoms, Iowa Flood Risk Management Project
01/04/2019 2018-0007 Marion County Drainage District, Iowa Flood Risk Management Project
 11/30/2018  2018-MM6 Green Bay No. 2, Iowa Flood Risk Management Project 
 01/16/2018 2018-998 Drury, Illinois Flood Risk Management Project