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Inland Navigation Design Center - Mandatory Center of Expertise


The Inland Navigation Design Center Mandatory Center of Expertise (INDC) provides engineering, design, analysis and review services for studies, new locks, new navigation dams, major rehabilitation of existing inland navigation locks and dams, and significant inland navigation lock and dam operations and maintenance projects. The INDC promotes quality design, and consistency in design and technical competency.  

The INDC serves as the national center of expertise providing technical advice, oversight, and design production during planning, design, analysis, construction, and operations and maintenance of all aspects of inland navigation design projects across USACE. 



Primary efforts to support the INDC's mission include: develop, maintain, and strengthen technical competency by leading a coordinated effort to develop, maintain, and strengthen technical competency within the engineering and design community for inland navigation; build an Inland Navigation Design Community of Practice; collaboration and coordination with waterway users and operators to stay situationally aware of problems and issues confronting navigation industry; maintain relationships with national and international partners for knowledge management activities; development of engineering standards and transfer of knowledge for inland navigation projects;  support research and update relevant USACE guidance documents; and serve as Review Management Organization.

The INDC provides national leadership for standardization of design, inspection, repair, and renewal of navigation infrastructure; investigate, recommend research and development needs, and implement new technologies as beneficial for life cycle cost reduction.  It supports USACE infrastructure strategy, management, and maintenance efforts and implements risk-informed approaches for design, analysis, and decision making frameworks.

Inland Navigation Design Center team meets with the Brazil Transportation Departments to assess critical inland navigation infrastructure across the country.