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Inland Navigation Design Center (INDC)

Published March 10, 2020


The Inland Navigation Design Center Mandatory Center of Expertise (INDC-MCX) is an organization that provides engineering, design, analysis and review services for studies, new locks, new navigation dams, major rehabilitation of existing inland navigation locks and dams, and significant inland navigation lock and dam Operations & Maintenance (O&M) projects. The INDC promotes quality design, and consistency in design and technical competency.  The primary efforts to support this mission include: Develop, Maintain, and Strengthen Technical Competency by leading a coordinated effort to develop, maintain, and strengthen technical competency within the engineering and design community for inland navigation; build an Inland Navigation Design Community of Practice (CoP); collaboration and coordination with waterway users and operators to stay situationally aware of problems and issues confronting navigation industry; maintain relationships with national and international partners for knowledge management activities; development of engineering standards and transfer of knowledge for inland navigation projects;  support research and update relevant USACE guidance documents; and serve as Review Management Organization.   The INDC provides national leadership for standardization of design, inspection, repair, and renewal of navigation infrastructure; investigate, recommend research and development needs, and implement new technologies as beneficial for life cycle cost reduction.  It supports USACE infrastructure strategy, management, and maintenance efforts and implements risk-informed approaches for design, analysis, and decision making frameworks.
The non-project INDC roles and responsibilities allow the center to be relevant,  have value added to the enterprise provide, implement cost reduction methods to project and knowledge sharing are not project specific or related to overhead funding and require centralized funding.

As part of USACE Civil Works Transformation the INDC originated in FY 13 and ER 1110-1-8168 Roles and Responsibilities of the Inland Navigation Design Center Mandatory Center of Expertise was published in July 2016.

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Civil Works Transformation- Methods of Delivery- Inland Navigation Design Center

Summarized Costs

Estimated Federal Cost N/A
Estimated Non-federal Cost N/A
Estimated Total Project Cost N/A
Allocations Prior to FY 2020 $3,1222,511
FY 2020 Allocation TBD
FY 2020 Total Capability $900,000


Major Work Item Current Year
:  Standardization: Complete Framework implementation, UMS Embedded Miter Gate Anchorage (Repair/Replace), Ohio River Collaboration, SOG Activities, Start Life Cycle Management Methodology. INDCoP: Lessons Learned, Technology Transfer, Webinars. MSC Budget Development: Integrate INDC into POM processes, Incl INDC in design teams, ECB 2017-18. SON Development. Reporting: Vertical Team,  INDOC, Steering Committee, HQ Deputy Oversight Group,  Annual Reporting, MVD. Information System Integration (BIM, ERDC, AM).  SHM- Project needs and issues with navigation infrastructure. MCX CCC. Capital Investment Strategy report.

$350,000 could be used to revise the INDCoP work force categorization and gap analysis, develop business plan, start inventory and categorization of navigation assets for standardization.