Coralville Lake, Iowa

Rock Island District
Published Oct. 30, 2023
Coralville Dam and Lake located in Coralville, Iowa.

Coralville Dam and Lake located in Coralville, Iowa.


Coralville, Iowa


Coralville Lake is a multiple purpose project providing primary benefits in flood control and low-flow augmentation with secondary benefits in recreation, natural resource management and environmental stewardship. Conservation pool is 5,400 acres; and the flood control pool is 24,800 acres with 475,000 acre-feet of storage. The dam is located on the Iowa River just upstream of Iowa City.


Cumulative nominal damages prevented since projects inception (1958) through FY 2023 is $834,115,000. The project includes 24,597 acres of fee title lands, 11 recreation areas, 7 campgrounds. FY22 visitation was approximately 1.1 million visitors, resulting regional economic impacts just over $31,000,000 in visitor spending and an estimated 310 jobs within 30 miles. Recreation fee collections was up to nearly $700,000. Visitation, camping, recreation fees, etc. all were indicative of pre-COVID averages to a more normal year.


Project is in operation.


OM - Operations and Maintenance
Flood Control Act of 1938

Additional Information

Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost


Estimated Non-Federal Cost


Estimated Total Project Cost


Allocations Prior to FY 2023


FY 2023 Allocation1

      $ 9,744,000

FY 2024 Allocation


FY 2024 President’s Budget

     $ 5,022,000

FY 2022 Total Capability2

    $ 17,122,000

1 FY 2023 Allocation includes $4.5M received in BIL Supplemental Funds.

Major Work Item Prior Fiscal Year

FY 2023: Project funds were used for routine operation and maintenance of the flood control infrastructure to reduce flooding downstream and related water control feature. However, due to this year being a drought year our low flow augmentation mission (releasing 150 cfs minimum) become much more important. The water discharges allowed us to protect critical habitat for the fisheries and endangered mussels downstream. The funds also provided for minimal operation and maintenance of day-use, overnight recreation areas and facilities providing a quality level of service to the project visitors. They also allowed for minimal annual environmental stewardship activities to protect the health, sustainability and integrity of the public lands associated with the project. We completed our review of the Shoreline Management Plan and finalized the Project's Master Plan. Funds were used to complete other non-routine task such as removal of more than 140 hazardous trees killed by the Emerald Ash Bore, boundary line surveys, repair roadways, modernize some electric and water infrastructure. Added PBUD funding will allow us to replace two addition restroom facilities at East Overlook and Linder Point Campground.

FY 2022/23 BIL Projects:
The project received a total of $2,593,000 in BIL funding in FY22. Due to the timing of the funds being received many of the projects had to be pushed into FY23 as it took time for contracts to get into place and to reduce impacts to our visitors.

FY 2022 BIL Projects:

  • 600 feet of Shoreline Erosion Protection
  • Replacement of Landcover Loss
  • Repair of boat ramp and road erosion
  • Repair of electrical issues following a high-water event in 2020
  • Control Tower Window Replacement
  • Painting of Water Tower
  • Procurement of Four Restroom/Shower Buildings

FY 2023 BIL Funding: $4,500,000 to remove and replace a Ranger Vehicle / Storage building. Due to water damage to the office this project is now including those repairs. Demo of office interior is complete, and mold and asbestos remediation has also been completed. Contracts for the Phase I of the Design and Build is complete. Phase II is to be out for solicitation in mid-October. Work will include design and rebuild the Admin Office interior, repurpose or remove the partially insulated storage 6-bay garage building.

Major Work Item Current Fiscal Year

FY 2024:

Funds will be used for operation and maintenance of flood control structures and related infrastructure, dam safety programs and activities, and low flow augmentation. The funds support management of the recreation program and providing a quality level of service to the public visiting recreation areas. They are also being used for environmental stewardship activities to protect the health, sustainability and integrity of the public lands associated with the project; protect cultural/historical resources and to protect critical threatened and endangered species habitats by partnering with Iowa DNR, USFWS and other stakeholders. Additional funds will be used to complete work on the following non-routine items: Boundary line survey, maintenance & signage to prevent encroachments; continuing to modernize our project’s infrastructure. Any additional funding could be used for other important infrastructure to modernize campgrounds to include upgrading campsites to 50-amp service, pave/repair of ~ 8 miles of roadways, and convert gravel campsite pads to smooth hard surface as outlined in the work plan.

FY 2024 BIL:

  • Replace one Restroom/Shower Building while completing the ones in FY23
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Ranger Building/Admin Rehab additional funding