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Posted 4/27/2017

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Project Manager

Des Moines, IA

This project promotes shared responsibility, addresses priority in State or local hazard mitigation plans, leverages resources and increases innovation in evaluating benefits. Analysis would include City, state and federal GIS HAZUS databases. The HEC-RAS-2D analysis produces a wealth of data including: depth at each cell for each hourly time step, velocity at each cell for each hourly time step, time for each grid cell to fill to one foot of depth, and time for each grid cell to fill to two feet of depth. Time to two feet is considered a critical parameter as it significantly affects egress/evacuation and may contribute to loss of life. Results are available for full and half breach conditions at each of three simulated breach locations. Close up views of critical infrastructure can be shown for the time to one foot and time to two feet results and hourly depth time lapse images. Tabulations and tables will show how the critical facilities are affected by the flood wave progression from each of the breach locations. The time for the water depth reach 1 ft and 2 ft for the element containing the critical facility can be shown in the table and can demonstrate which facilities are most quickly threatened by the modeled scenarios and may aid in evacuation planning.

This pilot project continues to build on the procedures, information, and experiences learned by Rock Island District in communicating the residual risks of living behind a levee through levee breach modeling and mapping. This study is not being initiated due to physical concerns of the levee system but to communicate information derived from scenario evaluation. The Des Moines Flood Risk Management Project consists of six independent levee systems 3 systems located on the right descending bank and 3 systems located on the left descending bank of the Des Moines River, at Des Moines, Iowa that were constructed in the 1960s.

FM - Floodplain Management Services

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