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Posted 4/27/2017

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Program Manager

Peoria, Illinois

The Greater Peoria Sanitary District (GPSD) is interested in determining and implementing flood risk management measures that will help mitigate future flood damages. Recent flood events on the Illinois River have been more severe and more frequent than those in the historic record. This increased magnitude and regularity of flooding has the GPSD interested in investigating actions that might provide greater flood protection, including greater resiliency.

This study will investigate both structural and non-structural measures that may be taken to provide greater flood protection, including greater resiliency.

A Federal Interest Determination was completed and approved September 2016. A Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreement was signed April 2017 which allowed the project to advance to the feasibility study phase. The project team is currently conducting the feasibility study and preparing the report.

CA - Continuing Authorities - Section 205

Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost  $363,750 
Estimated Non-Federal Cost  $208,750 
Estimated Total Project Cost  $572,500 
Allocations Prior to Current FY 2017 Cost  $50,000 
Current FY 2017 Allocation (received to date)  $236,250 
Current FY 2017 Total Capability  $236,250 

Major Work Item Current Year
FY 2017:
execute the FCSA and initiate the feasibility phase