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Posted 5/1/2017

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Project Manager

Versailles, Illinois

LaGrange Lock, located on the Illinois Waterway at river mile 80.2, was put into service in 1939 and is in need of a major rehabilitation of lock concrete, electrical and mechanical systems. The lock went through rehabilitation in 1986 to 1988; it included minor concrete repairs, repositioning lock machinery, and installing a traveling kevel. For 70 years, the lock has been exposed to multiple freeze/thaw cycles and flooding causing a gradual but incessant degradation of the lock components.

Frequent flooding and temperature extremes combined with high usage has resulted in significant deterioration of lock concrete and the decline of mechanical and electrical systems performance and reliability. The vertical concrete has deteriorated to the point that sections have had to be removed and/or threaten to fall into the lock chamber. Barges can become wedged under the armor, resulting in a dangerous situation for deck hands and lock personnel and potential damage to the barges. Hazardous working conditions exist due to deteriorated horizontal concrete on the land and river walls of the lock chamber. The mechanical and electrical systems require frequent patching and labor intensive repairs. Parts are difficult to obtain and have to be specially made in many cases. The probability of failure of the mechanical and electrical systems requiring extensive and expensive repairs in the next several years is very high. The potential at any time for an incident to occur due to deteriorated lock concrete in which the lock had to be closed for more than a week is very probable with the potential increasing every year the lock concrete is not rehabilitated.

The rehabilitation work would be funded by both Construction (designated Major Rehabilitation) and O&M (designated Major Maintenance) appropriations in a single contract for efficiency.

A Rehabilitation Evaluation Report was approved in August 2005. A preliminary schedule of work has been developed with construction spanning over a three year period.

Funding for this Major Rehabilitation project as a new start is not expected before FY 2018. Minimal Operation and Maintenance (O&M) funding has been used for Plans and Specifications for the hydraulic operating system replacement. Funding to award a construction contract is not expected before FY 2018.

CG - Construction General

Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost  $58,423,000 
Estimated Non-Federal Cost  $36,600,000 
Estimated Total Project Cost $95,023,000 
Allocations Prior to Current FY 2017 Cost  $123,000 
Current FY 2017 Allocation (received to date)  $0 
Current FY 2017 Total Capability  $94,900,000 

Major Work Item Current Year
FY 2017:
Initial design effort for Plans & Specifications for major rehabilitation / major maintenance of the facility.