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Published March 8, 2019

Program Manager


Levee systems are part of our nation’s landscape and important to communities because of the benefits they provide. In the Rock Island District, approximately forty thousand people live or work behind levees in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) Levee Safety Program. 

Additionally, public and private property worth more than $6 billion dollars are behind these levees systems in the Rock Island District alone. Many of these properties are of national significance.

These 1300 miles of levee in the MVR area of responsibility reduce flood risk to people, businesses, critical infrastructure and the environment, but it’s important to recognize they don’t eliminate flooding.

Additionally, levee conditions, storm/flood intensity and frequency and populations around these levees change. The USACE Levee Safety Program works with local levee sponsors and stakeholders to make sure these levees provide their intended benefits. Working together to assess, manage and communicate flood risks to residents and businesses is our priority because, more than anything, life safety is paramount. Work of the Levee Safety Program implements this program through inspections, risk screening and maintenance of the Levee Safety ancillary efforts.

Our partners play an important role in levee safety because we all must work together, sharing responsibility, to solve and manage flood risk management challenges. Ultimately, individuals who know what to do before a flood or storm happens can make our communities safer places to live and work.

As of October 2018, $15.0 Million has been expended to perform the detailed periodic inspections of Levee Systems with routine inspections costing approximately 0.6 Million annually. Of the $15 Million all but $980,000, has been allocated by the USACE HQ for the Rock Island District for inspections and screenings. The current protocol is that each levee is to be thoroughly inspected every 5 years (Periodic) and routinely inspected annually or bi-annually. 

Approximately 121 levees have had one periodic inspection competed.

As of 2019, 100% of the Districts levees are past due for a periodic re-inspection. Those levee system periodic inspections will be undertaken as funding is available. One out of 121 levees has been funded for a periodic inspection in 2019.

SI - Special Interest
National Levee Safety Act of 2007 contained
in 2007 WRDA Title IX, WRRDA 2014

Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost  $15,000,000 
Estimated Non-Federal Cost  $0 
Estimated Total Project Cost  continuing 
Allocations Prior to FY 2019 $15,000,000
FY 2019 Allocation  $1,249,000
FY 2019 Total Capability  $5,486,000

Major Work Item Current Year
FY 2019:
Periodic Inspection of one system, Routine Inspections and Risk Screening of non-project Levees segments for levees active in the Corps Programs.