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Posted 5/1/2017

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Project Manager

Lockport, Illinois

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD), through Congressional action, transferred maintenance responsibilities of structures that maintain the Lockport Pool on the Chicago Sanitary Ship Canal (CSSC), to the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1984.

The project is located within three-mile reach of the Lockport Lock of the Illinois Waterway River (Mile 291.0 - 294.1) at Lockport, Illinois. As part of the CSSC, which extends from the Chicago River to the Illinois Waterway, the structures extend up river from the Lockport Lock. Lockport upper pool is a perched pool 38 feet above surrounding communities. The Lockport Pool Approach Dike on the right descending bank and Canal Wall on the left descending are ranked as a Category DSAC II, which is defined as a dam that has confirmed “unsafe” or unconfirmed “potentially unsafe” dam safety issues. Successful repair & rehabilitation of project components will allow re-classification to a more reliable (higher) DSAC rating.

The Controlling Works that help control the pool elevation of the CSSC were also identified as needing renovation to maintain the pool. The pool retaining structures require significant repair and rehabilitation to ensure continued structural integrity, retention of navigation pool, stability of the embankments and structures, safe access to the hydropower plant, continued safe use of the controlling works. The project has been broken into multiple stages, many of which are completed: Stage 1 Approach Dike; Stage 1-C Forebay Wall; Stage 2 Controlling Works; Stage 3 Canal Wall; Stage 4 Powerhouse Repair and Embankment Clearing.

The project consists of the following stages:

Stage 1 (Approach Dike) constructed a 4,300 feet cut-off wall within the Approach Dike embankment (completed in FY2009);

Stage 1-C (Forebay Wall) construction work is on-going with scheduled completion in FY2017;

Stage 2 (Controlling Works) repaired concrete bulkheads and replaced brick, limestone and granite facades (completed in FY2012);

Stage 3 (Canal Walls) constructed 2 miles of precast concrete panel wall to replace the existing wall
(completed in FY2012); and

Stage 4 (Powerhouse Exciter Bay Infill and Embankment Clearing) stabilized the powerhouse structure and cleared overgrown embankments to  allow visual inspection (completed in FY2009).

CG - Construction General

Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost  $151,175,000 
Estimated Non-Federal Cost  $0 
Estimated Total Project Cost  $151,175,000 
Allocations Prior to Current FY 2017 Cost  $150,326,000
Current FY 2017 Allocation (received to date)  N/A 
Current FY 2017 Total Capability  N/A 

Major Work Item Current Year
FY 2017: