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Sabula Lakes Aquatic Habitat Restoration, Sabula, IA - CAP Section 1135

Published March 10, 2020

Sabula, Iowa

Sabula Lakes is a backwater area of the Mississippi River that forms three lakes through and levee on the upstream end; a state highway embankment in the middle and a railroad embankment at the downstream end. 

The project is located on the Upper and Middle Sabula Lakes near the City of Sabula, Iowa. These lakes were formed as a result of the Upper Mississippi River 9 ft. Navigation Project and have been identified for their potential opportunity to enhance the existing fishery into a fishing destination area.  Sabula lakes provide a viable fishery that draws anglers from both the local community, as well as distant locations.  It is recognized that several challenges exist in rehabilitating Sabula Lake.  Both Upper and Lower Lake exist in a degraded state with excessive carp and buffalo populations, very little habitat, poor water quality, and water depths less than six feet.  As a result of these conditions, the lake often suffers from fish kills.  To combat these issues, Iowa DNR envisions dredging, adding fish structure, and, if needed, replacing the pump at the southeast portion of Middle Sabula Lake to prevent unwanted species from returning to the lake.  The goal is to improve conditions and restore the recreational value of the lakes.
This is a potential new start. A letter of request has been received from the sponsor. The initial phase of work will be to complete a Federal Interest Determination. This project is awaiting funds.

Additional Information

Congressional Interest

Senators: Charles Grassley (IA), Joni Ernst (IA)

Representatives: IA-1(Abby Finkenauer)
CA - Continuing Authorities - Section 1135
  Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost    $100,000
Estimated Non-Federal Cost  $0
Estimated Total Project Cost  $100,000
Allocations Prior to FY 2020 $0
FY 2020 Allocation  TBD
FY 2020 Total Capability  $25,000

Major Work Item Current Year
FY 2020:  Potential new start project.  Awaiting funding to determine Federal interest