Saylorville Lake Administration Complex

Rock Island District
Published Oct. 1, 2021
Saylorville Lake Administration Complex

Saylorville Lake Administration Complex


Saylorville Lake, Johnston, Iowa


This project consists of constructing a new Administration Office and a maintenance building, including parking, road re-alignment, and utilities to meet the current and future needs of Saylorville Lake. The new buildings will be located within or near the existing complex to minimize cost and improve efficiencies since other storage facilities and utilities are already in the area. The buildings will meet USACE Sustainable Building policy and adopt UFC 1-200-02 standards for high performance and sustainable buildings.


Located in Johnston Iowa, the Saylorville Administration Office was built in the early 1980s utilizing two picnic shelters that were joined together. An addition was added in 1989 to provide a conference room and manager offices. The building itself has roof leaks in several areas during hard rains, is not properly insulated or designed to meet current operational needs, universal accessible needs, energy or force protection/anti-terrorism security standards. The 2013 USACE Operational Condition Assessment (OCA) rated the electrical system a grade of “F” and doors and windows a “C”. The Maintenance Building is an accumulation of five uneven structures joined together in the 1960s and 1970s. The lunchroom addition was a "Behler" building and the welding/carpenter shop was a "Butler" building rolled in on telephone poles after use by the main dam construction contractor. There is little to no insulation in the building's roofs or walls. Daylight can be seen through the roof and walls in places and an engineering structural analysis indicated the current structures cannot support a new roof due to missing purlins and existing purlins that are twisted.

An audit report issued by the USACE HQ Energy Engineering Analysis Program (EEAP) recommended demolishing and replacing the entire structure.


Neither building was constructed to meet current mission, occupant, equipment needs nor security requirements. Cost saving efforts towards increasing energy efficiency in the two buildings are impossible due to the current buildings’ age, poor design & construction. A modern Administration and Maintenance Facility will:

(1) provide a secure facility meeting current force protection/anti-terrorism standards for the facility & employees;

(2) provide adequate administration, maintenance and engineering space to meet current and future operational needs;

(3) include a welcoming public entry & information area;

(4) comply with universal accessibility standards;

(5) include modern communications & a conference room for project operations & adaptable to serve as an Emergency Operation Center for USACE in Central Iowa;

(6) meet UFC 1-200-02 requirements for energy efficiency

Additional Information


OM - Operations and Maintenance

Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost

$ 16,500,000

Estimated Non-Federal Cost

$ N/A

Estimated Total Project Cost

$ 16,500,000

Allocations Prior to FY2022

$ 0

FY2021 Allocation

$ 0

FY2022 Allocation


FY2022 President’s Budget

$ 0

FY2022 Total Capability

$ 16,500,000


Major Work Item Current Year

FY 2022: Awaiting funding to proceed with project.