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Posted 3/1/2018

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Regional Program Manager
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Pool 18, Upper Mississippi River Miles 431- 428, Mercer County, Illinois.


The Keithsburg Division is located in Pool 18 along the left descending bank of the Upper Mississippi River (UMR), immediately north of the City of Keithsburg in Mercer County, Illinois.  The Project lands, part of the Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), are federally-owned.  

The Project area is a 1,400-acre backwater complex of interconnected backwaters channels, secondary channels, wetlands, and floodplain habitat. 

The goals are to restore and protect off-channel aquatic, wetland, and floodplain forest habitats. The objectives identified to meet these goals are (1) restore mudflat and shallow water habitat for shorebird use during the spring and fall migration periods; (2) restore submergent and emergent vegetation for migratory waterfowl use during the spring and fall migration periods; (3) Increase areal coverage, of forest stands with hard mast-producing trees as dominant or component species in floodplain forest areas; (4) Improve the existing year-round scrub-shrub community, especially buttonbush, for feeding and roosting waterfowl and other wildlife; and (5) Improve year-around bottomland hardwood habitat for Neotropical migrants and other woodland-dwelling species.

Potential Project Features: 

* Enhance existing levee enhancements
* Construct spillways, water control structures, and pumping stations
* Excavate channels in backwater areas
* Repair existing road
* Plant floodplain forest trees
* Use timber stand improvement techniques

The Tentatively Selected Plan would restore degraded environmental conditions within the backwater and floodplain forest habitats by providing reliable water level management capabilities and implementing timber stand improvement actions.  This project will provide an opportunity to improve the quality and diversity of critical habitats.


Human activity over the past two centuries within the UMR basin, floodplain, and channel has altered the hydrology, topography, and biotic communities present.  Water level management capability is limited and uncontrolled flood events results in heavy sediment accumulations.  Frequent inundation inhibits island forest regeneration and causes increased mortality of mature trees. All of these alterations have reduced the diversity and quality of aquatic habitat, reduced the acreage and diversity of native floodplain forest and reduced the depth and quality of wetlands.


Finish the feasibility report.

Additional Information

Congressional Interest

Senators: Richard Durbin (IL), Tammy Duckworth (IL)

Representatives: IL-17 (Cheri Bustos)


CG - Construction General


Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost  $14,788,000 
Estimated Non-Federal Cost  N/A 
Estimated Total Project Cost  $14,788,000 
Allocations Prior to FY 2018 Cost  $1,046,000 
FY 2018 Allocation (received to date)  $558,000 
FY 2018 Total Capability  $558,000 

Major Work Item Current Year
FY 2018:
Funds are being used to continue development of the feasibility report, initiate plans and specification for Stage I, and continue pre-project monitoring.