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Waterford Waterway Management District, Aquatic Habitat Restoration, Waterford, WI - CAP Section 206

Published March 8, 2019

Program Manager

Waterford, WI (Racine County)

The Waterford Waterway Management District (WWMD) is requesting assistance to undertake projects that will improve the area for wildlife and enhance fisheries. 

Sediment accumulation has impaired the quality of the entire waterway within the district including Conservancy Bay and other bay areas. This sediment has reduced the district's value for aquatic habitat and quality of the fishery. An opportunity exists to complete Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration project. The project will investigate whether there is a federal interest in providing aquatic habitat restoration within the WWMD lake area. 

This is a potential new start. Project is awaiting funding. The first step in the process after receipt of fund would be completion of a Federal Interest Determination.

CA - Continuing Authorities - Section 206

Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost  $100,000
Estimated Non-Federal Cost $0
Estimated Total Project Cost $100,000
Allocations Prior to FY 2019 Cost $0
FY 2019 Allocation $0
FY 2019 Total Capability $25,000


Major Work Item Current Year
FY 2019: None. Awaiting funding as potential new start project.