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Upper Mississippi River - Illinois Flood Risk Assessments

Silver Jackets Interagency Project

Rock Island District
Published June 11, 2020
Upper Mississippi River - Illinois Flood Risk Assessment Area Map

Upper Mississippi River - Illinois Flood Risk Assessment Area Map


23 Mississippi Riverfront communities in the State of Illinois (East Dubuque to Quincy, see map above)


This inter-agency pilot project developed map products to provide risk communication to communities in Illinois Mississippi Riverfront communities. Structural flood damage assessments for all structures were developed using multi-frequency flood depth grids. Survey data was collected for the lowest entry point and first floor elevation for all residential, commercial and industrial structures within the 1% annual chance exceedance floodplain. Parcel data, GIS data, and elevation certificate data that have been prepared for structures in the floodplain was obtained from county assessors.

Raises Flood Risk Awareness and Prompts Flood Risk Action - The approach used by this project developed a detailed and robust dataset that is being used to inform residents of the specific flood risk to their home or business and to provide quality planning data for flood risk mitigation and emergency management planners. Maps were prepared for mitigation action illustrating high risk areas based on potential losses and population at risk.

Reduces/Manages Flood Risk - Community State, county, and the local community officials now have access to enhanced flood risk information and tools to assist with community communication and decision making processes regarding land-use and future development in high risk flood areas. Use of this information by the community has communicated and educated flood risk awareness to the public which yielded life safety and resiliency benefits immediately that will continue into the future.

The project was funded and initiated in FY18 as a Silver Jackets inter-agency project and was completed in FY20.

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Flood Plain Management Services (Silver Jackets)

Estimated Federal Cost $160,000
Estimated Non-Federal Cost (in-kind) $225,000
Estimated Total Project Cost $385,000
Allocations Prior to FY 2020 $160,000
FY 2020 Allocation N/A
FY 2020 President's Budget N/A
FY 2020 Total Capability N/A


Major Work Item Current Year:  N/A - Project is complete