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  • Working with the Media
  • 6 Media Principles
  • 10 Tips to Remember
  • Correcting Errors
  • Media Query Policy
  • Handling a Call
  • Questions You Ask
  • Interview Ground Rules
  • Using Quotes and Bites
  • Avoiding a Disaster
  • Handling Tough Questions
  • Verbal Communication
  • It's Your Attitude
  • Body Language
  • Dress and Appearance
  • Media Opportunities
  • Put the Castle Forward
  • Parting Tips


Answer It!

  1. Be polite, honest, helpful, friendly.

  2. Communicate your desire to help.

  3. Don’t automatically agree or refuse to conduct an interview. If you need to involve the Corporate Communications Office, inform the reporter that you need to do so and that you will have the Corporate Communications Office call you back immediately.

  4. Stress you need information first (see next section, Questions YOU Ask).

  5. Keep your tone professional, not "chatty."

  6. Take time to prepare for the interview. Think about possible questions and answers. Form key message points. Think about fashioning positive messages, not just responding to negative questions.

  7. There is no such thing as “off-the-record.”  

  8. Don’t say anything you don’t want printed or broadcast. If the reporter writes it down or tapes it, it is fair game. Stick to your message points.

  9. Stay calm. Don't become provoked or irritated. You are being interviewed because the reporter believes you are the best person to talk to on the subject.  

  10. Find out what the story is. Keep your comments focused on the issue at hand. 

  11.  Don't entertain questions you are not prepared to answer. Tell the reporter that you don't have information on that topic or will need to get someone else to talk with them about that issue.

  12. Give credit to your partners and sponsors when credit is due, but never speak for them.

  13. Show  concern for your opponents viewpoints. It is there right to have a different opinion. Never belittle other groups or individuals.