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Who Needs Media Training

The Training

  • Working with the Media
  • 6 Media Principles
  • 10 Tips to Remember
  • Correcting Errors
  • Media Query Policy
  • Handling a Call
  • Questions You Ask
  • Interview Ground Rules
  • Using Quotes and Bites
  • Avoiding a Disaster
  • Handling Tough Questions
  • Verbal Communication
  • It's Your Attitude
  • Body Language
  • Dress and Appearance
  • Media Opportunities
  • Put the Castle Forward
  • Parting Tips


Seek Out Fame & Fortune

Now that you have the confidence that is needed to successfully interact with the media, you should keep your eyes and ears open for stories that would interest them. Call the Corporate Communications Office (309-794-5729) for support in getting your events recognized. Letting an opportunity go by is giving up a chance to greatly improve the Corps' public image. Watch for these important daily events in your work schedule.

  • Sponsor cost-sharing signing opportunities
  • Getting started or completed milestones
  • The first concrete placement
  • Sponsors inspecting progress
  • Groundbreaking or ribbon cutting (no project is too small)
  • Periodic media visits and updates
  • The first operation cycle for structures
  • Anniversaries to reflect on project accomplishment (1-year, 5-year, 10-year, etc.)
  • Refitting or major repairs
  • Boat christenings
  • Project technical inspections
  • The Umpteenth Visitor, User, or $ in project benefits
  • Important visitors to your project
  • News about your project personnel, both job and personal stories
  • Innovative techniques you are using
  • Special program or project successes/events

If you see that a story is being inaccurately portrayed, or if you think your project, study or issue is not getting the media attention it deserves, please contact Corporate Communications for assistance in heightening the media's awareness of this subject.
Imagine if every project received positive media attention. This would definitely promote the Corps' image within the community and the nation.