Unified Command warns boaters of safety measures on Illinois River near Marseilles Dam (Unified Command News Release)

Published May 24, 2013

MARSEILLES, Ill. (May 24) – The Coast Guard is reminding recreational boaters that a No Wake Zone is in place on the Illinois River near the Marseilles Dam and the ongoing salvage and dive operations.

The No Wake Zone encompasses the area from the mouth of the canal near the Marseilles Dam and extends about 600 yards upstream.

It is effective immediately and will remain active through the Memorial Day weekend and until further notice.

Mariners are urged to proceed with extreme caution when transiting this area and are requested to pass at a no wake speed to ensure safety during salvage and dive operations.

Boaters are warned that they may see members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Natural Resources, and other organizations patrolling that area of the river. 

All river traffic in the area of the Marseilles Dam should remain tuned to VHF-FM Channel 16 for details of the No Wake Zone and other latest developments.

In addition to the No Wake Zone, the safety zones restricting traffic from the immediate vicinity of Marseilles Dam remains in place. The area affected is located north of the dam protection cells and to about 600 yards upstream of the dam to ensure safe salvage and dive operations at the dam.

The Unified Command has also announced that all restrictions on lockages have been lifted and have returned to normal operations. 

The Coast Guard has established a website to keep the public informed of ongoing operations and provide the latest Unified Command updates on vessel transit restrictions for the Illinois River between the Starved Rock and Dresden dams. Information can be accessed at http://tinyurl.com/marseillesdamincident.

Release no. USCG