Coralville Reservoir Begins Drawdown

Published March 4, 2015

Iowa City, IA - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District will begin lowering Coralville Reservoir starting on March 10.  This drawdown of four feet is done in accordance with the operation plan to increase storage capacity in the reservoir.  The target elevation of 679 msl should be attained by March 20.

This drawdown combined with predicted warm temperatures will cause lake ice to deteriorate.  There may be areas where an air pocket forms between the ice and surface of the water.  Ice that is weak and not supported by lake water is at risk of cracking, breaking or giving away at any time.  In addition, as the ice shelf begins to drop, it can cause a dangerous slope along the shoreline, making it hard to get off the ice.  Due to these changing and unsafe conditions, the public is advised to stay off Coralville Lake.

Contact the Coralville Lake Administration Office at (319) 338-3543 extension 6300 for more information on lake levels, outflows and inflows.

Release no. 15-017