Saylorville Lake “No Motorized Vessel Zone Lifts 1 September”

Published Aug. 31, 2015

Saylorville Lake

“No Motorized Vessel Zone Lifts 1 September”

Johnston, Iowa - During much of 2015 there has been a new boating policy on Saylorville Lake.  This policy calls for a seasonal; “No Motorized Vessel Zone” North of the Mile Long Bridge, in the very shallow upper reaches of the reservoir, locally identified as the “mud flats” from April 1st to August 31st during periods of near normal conservation pools (below 840’ NGVD).  The No Motorized vessel zone will be lifted 1 September 2015 through 31 March 2016.  This zone represents approximately 1,400 surface acres; 600 acres of shallow island complex and 800 acres of shallow waters less than 2 feet in depth.  The area starts approximately 2,000 yards North of the Mile Long Bridge and runs to the Hwy 17 Bridge.  Saylorville Lake’s water regulation plan includes an annual request from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to increase water levels for wildlife purposes.  This request can be up to four feet but routinely raises the water level one to two feet to provide habitat. 

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