• July

    New Hammock Area Installed at Saylorville Lake

    In the past couple of years, “hammocking” has become a growing trend across the country and now people wishing to “hammock” can do so in a designated area at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District, Saylorville Lake project. Typically, use of a hammock on Corps property is strictly prohibited but thanks to the installation of hammock poles, people can now enjoy the activity without breaking rules or damaging trees.
  • May

    District Employees Participate in 2-Day Flood Fight Training Event

    With the snow melted and the spring rains filling up the rivers, 40 District employees attended a workshop to discuss proven flood fighting techniques and teach the newest team members.
  • Mississippi River Lock & Dam 17 Dewatered Enabling Maintenance, Inspections

    Lock and Dam 17, in New Boston, Illinois, closed this winter to undergo a dewatering as part of several maintenance projects performed at District locks from December to March.
  • September

    Why do we have locks and dams?

    The Mississippi has long been used for transportation; however, navigation has been forced to accommodate its whims; deep-flowing but turbulent in times of flooding; placid but shallow to the point of non-navigability in times of drought. Other obstacles included swift and treacherous rapids, submerged rocks and boulders and uncharted sand bars and tree snags, which ended the life of many steamers in the nineteenth century.