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View overlooking the Mississippi RiverThe Upper Mississippi River Restoration (UMRR) was the first program in the nation to combine ecosystem restoration with scientific monitoring and research efforts on a large river system.  UMRR  has served the nation well since 1986, completing 55 habitat projects benefitting approximately 102,500 acres of aquatic and floodplain habitat and contributing significantly to our scientific understanding of this complex system through monitoring and research.  In addition to its achievements on the Upper Mississippi River System, UMRR and the Monitoring and Science element specifically, has served as a model for other aquatic ecosystem restoration and monitoring efforts both nationally and internationally.  The Program has established a record of significant accomplishment through successful implementation of innovative and effective habitat projects and cutting-edge monitoring and research and continues to be an efficient and effective means of ensuring that the Upper Mississippi River System (UMRS) remains both a nationally significant ecosystem and nationally significant navigation system.

The UMRS encompasses the commercially navigable reaches of the Upper Mississippi River, as well as the Illinois River and navigable portions of the Kaskaskia, Black, St. Croix and Minnesota Rivers.