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Key Initiatives

Periodically, the Upper Mississippi River Restoration (UMRR) Program undertakes key initiatives to adjust the direction or clarify the mission of the UMRR Program.  To ensure that these initiatives meet the needs of the partners and the Program, an inclusive process is used.  As initiatives are undertaken, they will be listed here, to ensure broad dissemination within the partnership and interested stakeholders.


Strategic Planning

This strategic plan articulates the Upper Mississippi River Restoration (UMRR) partnership’s vision for the Upper Mississippi River that sets a clear direction for the program over the next decade. Read More


HREP Workshops

Team members involved with various aspects of Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Projects meet to discuss issues and efficiencies within the program. A summary of these workshops, including presentations or minutes, is included here. Read More


Habitat Needs Assessment and Indicators

The UMRR Program developed 12 indicators that describe aspects of ecosystem structure and function.  These indicators were then evaluated by the UMRR partners across the river system and compared to desired conditions to determine the habitat needs. These two reports describe these recent significant efforts. Read More