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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and State of Illinois signed a design agreement, Dec. 29, which allows for Pre-construction Engineering and Design (PED) to be completed for the Brandon Road Project once funds are received. Additionally, Illinois signed an agreement with the State of Michigan to help fund some aspects of this project. For more information on the design agreement, click here: Brandon Road News Release

Brandon Road Interbasin Project

The Brandon Road Lock and Dam on the Illinois Waterway (ILWW) near Joliet, Illinois, is a critical pinch point for preventing aquatic nuisance species, such as Asian carp, from entering the Great Lakes. 

The Brandon Road Chief’s Report recommended a National Ecosystem Restoration Plan which is a federal risk management plan including a layered system of structural controls and non-structural measures. The structural plan would install layered technologies such as an electric barrier, underwater acoustic deterrent, an air bubble curtain and a flushing lock. The newly engineered channel is designed to prevent invasive carp movement while allowing commercial and recreational craft passage.

The state of Illinois is the non-federal sponsor for the project and has coordinated a third-party agreement with the state of Michigan to cost share the non-federal expenses for Pre-construction Engineering and Design (PED). PED is cost shared 65% federal, 35% non-federal and estimated to take 3-4 years to complete, subject to the availability of funds.

Non-structural measures, implemented primarily by other federal agencies, will aid in the effectiveness of the project. These include public education and outreach, monitoring, integrated pest management, pesticides, manual or mechanical removal, and research and development.

Recommended Structural Plan