St. Louis District Rehabilitation and Enhancement Projects

The Upper Mississippi River Restoration (UMRR) Program was authorized by Congress in 1986 to establish a program that would restore ecosystems within the Upper Mississippi River and monitor resources along the river. The UMRR program has two elements: habitat restoration and enhancement projects (HREP), and long-term resource monitoring (LTRM). The HREP element involves the restoration and enhancement of habitat for fish and wildlife by making improvements to the lands and water of project sites. Typical improvements include constructing water control structures, pump stations, sedimentation deflection berms, dikes, islands, and reforestation. The St. Louis District Area of Responsibility (AOR) encompasses the Mississippi River from Saverton, MO (Lock and Dam 22) to the confluence with the Ohio River, the Illinois River from La Grange Lock and Dam, IL to the confluence with the Mississippi River, and the Kaskaskia River.


The St. Louis District has completed 10 projects, with two project under construction and six projects in the Feasability Study Phase.
Completed projects - Pools 25 and 26 Islands, Batchtown, Calhoun Point, Clarksville Refuge, Cuivre Island, Dresser Island, Pharrs Island, Stag Islands, Stump Lake, and Swan Lake.
Projects under construction - Ted Shanks and Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge.
Projects in feasability phase include Crains Island, Piasa & Eagles Nest Islands, Rip Rap Landing, Harlow Island, Oakwood Bottoms, and Wilkinson Island.